Here at Tender Tots Childcare Facility we focus on making each day special, unique and exciting for your child.

Our facility is set up to allow children the freedom to explore opportunities in a safe environment.

Our teachers are trained in the art of observing children and based on these observations, they are able to create activities and learning opportunities for the children that are of interest to the children.

We value childhood and believe that every child has the right to a fun, interesting and unique education.

Tender Tots is a place for children to be themselves.

We follow the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework which focuses on the following goals: Play and Playfulness, Diversity and Social Responsibility, Communication and Literacy, and Well Being. We incorporate these goals through theory and practice into all areas of our programs and classrooms.

Above all else we value the children here as people and we respect them as such.


Our classroom routines are set up in such a way that the children know what to expect next without being limited to lengths of time.

We have set outside times, meal times and rest times but we remain flexible with the other parts of the day.

Our teachers set up the classrooms so that activities are offered based on the questions asked by the children and the interests displayed by the children. Our flexibility in regards to these times allows the children to explore at their own pace. For example, if someone is engrossed in a creative activity, we do everything we can to offer them time to finish. Likewise, if a music activity has finished up earlier than anticipated, we will move on to something else.

Our full day programs include a minimum of two hours each day outdoors and our teachers take advantage of outside time as an opportunity to extend learning from inside.


Here at Tender Tots Childcare we aim to include many aspects of community in our day.

A strong sense of community starts in the classroom where children are taught to respect each other and their differences. Our teachers model compassion, respect, caring, trust and appreciation toward themselves and the children. We encourage the children to take accountability for their actions and to be responsible for the relationships they form within their classroom.

We also start to foster a sense of community between the classrooms. We model respect towards each group if they are doing a special activity. For example, when an older class walks past our two year old room during nap time we model how to be quiet so we don’t wake up the sleeping children.

To involve the community outside our daycare we often have students completing child related courses from local High Schools and Colleges doing placements with us. We are very proud of the programs we have to offer here, and we enjoy helping to educate future child care workers.

The teachers take great pride in educating our children on the events and issues that are relevant to our community as well. In the past we have done food drives for the Kennebecasis Valley Food Basket and the Animal Rescue League.

We welcome community professionals to visit us and talk about their role in the community. Dentists, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and the Delivery Persons who bring us our milk and bread are just some of the professionals who come to visit us.

It is our belief that if we establish respectful practices in our children, they will continue to build on those skills as they grow making them valuable contributing members of the broader community.